Lola Montejo | Encrypted Future
April 27 – June 27, 2023
Lola Montejo, through varied techniques and processes, creates oil paintings which are emergent and sharp, offering complex layers and assemblages of the emotional, intellectual, and active.
Opening Reception 
Friday, December 9, 5 to 8 p.m.
William Havu Gallery in Denver
1040 Cherokee Street, Denver
(mention in the Westword by Suan Froyd)

On the mezzanine, Spanish painter Lola Montejo, who’s had a busy year with a solo exhibition at the Arvada Center, shows a new set of her stylish gestural abstract paintings that could’ve blown in on a breeze from a seaside village in Spain. (see full write up in the Westword by Susan Froyd here)
Contemporary Abstraction: 
Collaging Space and Color at MOBERG GALLERY
Lola Montejo’s are additive paintings in two dimensions, building up and out like an architectural blossom, capturing both dense and open space. (Read full text by: MICHAELA MULLIN here). 
 Moberg Gallery
After Another After 
The Arvada Center  June 9–August 28, 2022 
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After Another After highlights Montejo’s exploration of material and process over the past two years. This solo exhibition relates to the subtleties of how memory and time is composed and the way in which it is subject to a constant process of deformation and reformation. The three bodies of work presented play off the word “after,” with mixed media works entitled Aftermath, oil paintings called Afterthought, and monotypes named Hereafter. Each series evolved sequentially, one leading to the next and after another.
Fetured in Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine 
"Breaking the Rules, artist Lola Montejo" by Jessica Dailey in Luxe Interior and Design magazine.

Lola Montejo is a self-described color theory nerd, but don’t expect her to strictly follow its tenets. “There’s a little rebelliousness when I hear all these ‘rules,’” she notes. “All I can think is, ‘what if?’” (Read the full article here)
Pride of  Place: Art of the State show at the Arvada Center
Read full Westword article by Michael Paglia here
Photo by Wes Magyar
We are thrilled to present new works by Lola Montejo, who worked with Oehme Graphics studio for the first time this past July. In her process, Lola Montejo uses torn pieces of paper as inked stencils and layers them in structural compositions to create deeply textured and intriguing monoprints. Her large scale monoprint series titled Hereafter, references the time after the pandemic and how we have adjusted individually and socially.       
See Lola's work at Oehme
Interview Shoutout Colorado
"My art explores the language of abstraction through painting, drawing, and collage. My style can be referred to as gestural painting. When I think about gesture I think of emotion. The word gesture in Spanish is “gesto” meaning to move or be moved. My paintings are full of movement both literal and suggestive."
With us today is Spanish-American abstract artist and art teacher Lola Montejo. Lola spent her early childhood in Madrid Spain, where her grandmother, also an artist, would take her to the famed Prado Museum. It was a Summer long residency in France that turned Lola into an abstract painter.
"Emergence I" and "Emergence II"
Veronica Herrera and Lola Montejo. 
Colorado Abstract + 10 :
A Survey will be on view at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities September 12 - November 17, 2019 and will display the work of artists originally included in the publication and introduce additional artists working in abstraction that have madean impact on Colorado's art scene.
The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities roll out Colorado Abstract +10: 
A History and a Survey, a series of exhibitions celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the book and show Colorado Abstract:  co-authored with Mary Voelz Chandler and Michael Paglia .
Women in Abstraction William Havu Gallery Denver
 Jared Herzing  June 15th, 2019  Music and Art SceneShare  
Excerpts from review ...
Lola Montejo is an abstract expressionist and an adjunct professor at Front Range Community College. She holds a BFA from MSU Denver and an MFA from Azusa Pacific University in California. Montejo has led a life of extensive travel and exploration, providing a wide range of diverse influences. Her works include cubist, modernist, and impressionist elements, and incorporate contrasting colors, shapes, and materials. This is Montejo’s inaugural show at this venue.
Havu Gallery is turning the place over to women abstractionists for a good chunk of the summer, and, oh, what a show it will be! An all-star lineup of Monroe Hodder, Amy Metier, Lola Montejo, Margaret Pettee Olsen, Laura Wait and Sheryl Zacharia will explore the limits of pure expression and compositional know-how in a display heavy on color and thinking between the lines.
Excerpts from review by Michale Paglia
Standouts among the modernist abstractionists are Lola Montejo, whose all-over composition is made up of broad brushstrokes stacked on top of one another...
           Core New Art Space, Denver
Westword Review by Michael Paglia  Montejo has said that her decision-making while painting is guided by instinct, and that’s apparent here. Using broad brushstrokes, Montejo selectively paints out the passages that she has laid on previously. Probably her greatest strength is her unerring eye for color combinations, and each painting has its own unique palette. I’ve been aware of Montejo’s talent for a while, but she just seems to be getting better and better.
          Robert Bullock Gallery, California 
Click here to read Mention in Westword interview of  Sharon Meriash by Susan Froyd .
Recolor Rrecover
July 6-9,2016
Opening Reception July 8 from 7-9 pm
Exhale Unlimited in LA
953 Chung King Road, Los Angeles 90
A Day in the Life of a Creative- ART BOSS
"As an artist who has been following a more intuitive path, there is a great deal of decision making in my work. Those decisions are based upon the endless number of experiences I have made over years of practice and the many influences that make up conscious and unconscious choices. I also look to my work and try and see how the past informs me. I try to notice the qualities in my work that I somehow instinctually bring out. I believe these qualities are based on not only my life but the experiences of many others I admire and try to learn from."
Core New Art Space
December 31 -January 18, 2012
Denver, Colorado  
Juego by Lola Montejo. Juego featured vibrant works that feel very active and full of motion. According to Montejo, the “work is about the process, the play.” The artist functions on intuition and considers the image to be “secondary to the art making.”