Lola Montejo creates abstract expressionistic paintings that are the results of layering seemingly incongruous materials, textures, colors, techniques and processes that result in intriguing compositions that slowly reveal themselves. The structure of her paintings begins with deliberate shapes and marks as she builds or deconstructs the surface, it becomes an organic process, a dialogue between the artist, her materials, and the work of art.

Exploring the lines between intentional and accidental, rational and irrational, contemplative and spontaneous; she cuts, tears, sands, masks out and pours paint layers. This is the beginning of an open dialogue with her media and all those possibilities while at the same time creating constraints that stimulate her discovery. Lola’s paintings are the visual results of layers of radical contradictions. They are created using an organic system of discovery based on unpredictable structure. A process that is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, control, and even fear, but knowing that it is equally as important to know when to let them go.