artist statement

Evaluating, selecting and editing is the core of creating a language. The artist, like the writer, can change and reformulate the rules of the game at any time. My practice examines the possibilities of the language of abstraction through drawings, collages and paintings.

With a variety of methods and techniques, I build and deconstruct the surface using strategies of fragmentation, layering, interweaving, elimination, and organization. My actions are manifested and at the same time are measured, allowing the paint to be expressionistic in some areas and controlled in others.  It is an organic system of discovery, a relationship between strategy and chance. It is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, control, and it is equally as important as knowing when to let them go.

In the end my efforts are a field of action and research, a language that embodies an intuitive path to self expression. In this sense, they are just as representational as they are abstract, reflecting my inner world and the world around me.

curriculum vitae

2014 - 20017 Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA, - MFA
1999 - 2002 University of Colorado, Denver, CO,  - Pedagogy  
1996 - 1998 Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, CO, - BFA
1997 - Study abroad, Paris, France
SOLO & DUO SHOWS                  
2019    Women of Abstraction, William Havu Gallery, Denver, CO   
2018    Ordered Disorder, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2017   Force, Robert Bullock Gallery, Azusa, CA
2016   Foundations, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2015   New Contrast, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2014    Madrilenia, Core New Art Space, Denver,  CO

2013    Impressions, Reserve List , Denver, CO        
 2013   Juego, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2011    La Costa Blanca, Core New Art Space,  Denver, CO 

2009    Elemento, Sellars Project Space, Denver, CO

Polsinelli Law Firm, Denver, CO
Hoogwater Law Company, Littleton, CO
Griffis Parmer Clubhouse, Austin, TX
Sage Brook Business Center, Denver, CO

The International Barter Company, Alicante, Spain
Changarrito, Premiant Collection,  Mexic-Arte Museum, Puebla City, Mexico
2020      Pink Progression, Arvada Center, CO
2019      Colorado Abstract + 10 , Arvada Center, CO
                Art of the State, Arvada Center, Arvada, CO
2018    FRCC 50th Anniversary,  FRCC, Westminster, CO
              Sangre Colorado, CVA Metro State, Denver, CO
              Plan Sight, Exit Gallery, West Covina, CA
 2017    Hyper Objectivity, Exhale  Gallery, Los  Angeles, CA  
              Changarrito Collective,  Museo Amparo, Puebla City, Mexico
              For Your Consideration, Exhale  Gallery, Los  Angeles, CA                    
2015     Celebrate, 35-years show, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
              Blink, Evoke Art Gallery, Angeles, CA
              The Denver Modernism Show, Denver, CO
2014     Works on Paper, Fort Worth Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX
              Soirée Denver Botanical Gardens, Denver, CO
2013     Tenn Street Art, Street Art, Denver, CO
              Sabor Latino, Chicano Humanities and Art Center, Denver, CO
              Anythink community Arts, Opening Gala for Anythink Libary, Thornton, CO
2012     Negative Space, The Fu Collective Plus Gallery, Denver, CO
              MDF, La Colección,  Drawings 1 & 2,  Mexico City, Mexico
              Abstract on the Edge, Englewood Arts Center, Englewood, CO
              Dazzle, Art Talk, Denver, CO
2011     Marianneplats, Anonyme Zeichner, Berlin, Germany
              Fine Line, The FU Collective, Denver, CO
              Positive Art, Curtis Art Center, Denver, CO
              Red Handed, Tenn Street Art, Denver, CO
2010     Thornton Civic Center, Hispanic Heritage, Thornton, CO
              Denver Alliance Francais, Art of Giverny, Denver,  CO
              Englewood Arts Center, juror: Jenifer Ito, Englewood, CO
              Armstrong Oil and Gas art gala, invitational event, Denver, CO
2009     10 x 10, invitational Artist, Sellars Project Space,  Denver, CO
              Red Handed, curator  Sharon Meriah, Art’s Place, Denver, CO
              Art of Giverny, Denver Alliance Francais, Denver, CO
              Spring Open, Kirk Norlin Gallery, Denver, CO


2017/2018     Adjunct Professor,  Front Range Community College, CO 
2009/2016     Member and Gallery Liaison, Core New Art  Space, CO
2012/2015     Board Member, Chicano Arts &  Humanities, CO
2011               Visiting Artist, Gold Crown Foundation, CO
2008               Apprentice to Maximo Gonzales, Museo de  las Américas, CO