Lola Montejo creates abstract expressionistic paintings that are the results of layering seemingly incongruous materials, textures, colors, techniques and processes that result in intriguing compositions that slowly reveal themselves.  Lola’s paintings are the synthesis of ideas and reactions to her materials.  The structure of her paintings begins with deliberate shapes and marks but as she builds or deconstructs the surface, it becomes an organic process, a conversation between the artist, her materials, and the work of art.

Exploring the lines between contemplative and spontaneous painting; she edits and reworks the use of marks and shapes. This is the beginning of an open dialogue with her media and all those possibilities, while at the same time creating constraints that stimulate her discovery.

Marks take on their own lives as she carefully builds or deconstructs layers. This process creates neither an infinite depth, nor flatness, but instead a space generated by movement and shifting events on the canvas. Believing that color is a structure, she starts with a few color choices and progressively challenges those decisions by throwing in unusual mixes. Lola sees the qualities of space and layering of colours in her work as a visual language where gesture is manifested and at the same time is measured. Lola explains,“The cutting and fragmentation of my marks carry and destroy ideas. Like an iceberg, what surfaces is only a measure of what exists beneath.”

Interested in the processes of transformation and reinvention,  Lola’s works of art are the visual results of layers of radical contradictions. They are created using an organic process of deliberate discovery based on unpredictable construction.  A process that is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, control, and even fear, but equally as important as knowing when to let them go.

Lola Montejo is a Professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has exhibited her work in Colorado; California; Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; and Berlin, Germany.  Her work is represented by William Havu Gallery in Denver, Colorado and  Oehme Graphics in  Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

curriculum vitae

2014 - 20017   M.F.A. Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
1999 - 2001     University of Colorado, Denver, CO

1996 - 1998     B.F.A. Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO
1997                Study abroad, Paris, France
selected exhibition history 
2019 - Women of Abstraction,  Havu Gallery, Denver, CO   
2018 - Ordered Disorder, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2017 - Force, Robert Bullock Gallery, Azusa, CA
2016 - Foundations, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2015 - New Contrast, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2014 - Madrilenia, Core New Art Space, Denver,  CO

2013 - Impressions, Reserve List , Denver, CO        
2013 - Juego, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
2011 - La Costa Blanca, Core New Art Space,  Denver, CO 

2009 - Elemento, Sellars Project Space, Denver, CO
Polsinelli Law Firm, Denver, CO
Hoogwater Law Company, Littleton, CO
Griffis Parmer Clubhouse, Austin, TX
Sage Brook Business Center, Denver, CO

The International Barter Company, Alicante, Spain
Changarrito, Premiant Collection,  Mexic-Arte Museum, Puebla City, Mexico
2021 - Rear Mirror, Lone Tree Art Center, Denver, CO
2020 - Pink Progression, Arvada Center, Arvada,CO
2019 - Colorado Abstract + 10 , Arvada Center, Arvada,CO
2019 - Art of the State, Arvada Center,Arvada, CO
2018 - FRCC 50th Anniversary,  FRCC, Denver,CO
2018 - Sangre Colorado, CVA Metro State, DenverCO
 2017 - Plan Sight, Exit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 - Changarrito Collective,  Museo Amparo, Mexico
2017 - For Consideration, Exhale  Gallery,  CA       

2015 - Celebrate, Core New Art Space, Denver,CO
2014 - The Denver Modernism Show, Denver CO
2014 - Works on Paper, Fort Worth Arts Center, Austin,TX
2013 - Soirée Denver Botanical Gardens, DenverCO
2013 - Tenn Street Art, Street Art, Denver, CO

2012 - Negative Space, The Fu Collective, Denver, CO
2012 - MDF, La Colección,  Mexico City, Mexico
2011 -  Marianneplats, Anonyme Zeichner, Berlin,Germany
2010 - Fine Line, The FU Collective,Denver, CO

2021  Adjunct Proferssor, Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO
2017/2018  Adjunct Professor,  Front Range Community College, CO 
2009/2016  Member and Gallery Liaison, Core New Art  Space, CO
2012/2015  Board Member, Chicano Arts &  Humanities, CO
2011  Visiting Artist, Gold Crown Foundation, CO
2008  Apprentice to Maximo Gonzales, Museo de  las Américas, CO