Deliberate discovery defines Lola Montejo’s contemporary works of art. Exploring the lines between contemplative and spontaneous painting; she edits and reworks the use of marks and shapes with in an abstract composition. This is the beginning of an open dialogue with her media and all those possibilities, while at the same time creating constraints that stimulate her discovery.  

Montejo's paintings create singular worlds. Forms and marks take on their own lives with various techniques. Gesture is manifested and at the same time is measured in carefully built and deconstructed layers. While space is generated by movement and broken incidents on the canvas which suggest motion or change. This process creates neither an infinite depth, nor flatness, but instead a picture plane generated by shifting events on the canvas.

Using color as a structure, Montejo starts with a few color choices and progressively challenges those decisions by throwing in unusual mixes. Montejo sees the qualities of space and layering of colours in her work as a visual language. Absorbing a wide range of influences, Cubist structure, Impressionist airiness, and Modernist formalism seem embedded and yet at the same time resisted.

Montejo’s works of art are the visual results of layers of radical contradictions. They are created using an organic system of deliberate discovery based on unpredictable structure. A process that is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, control, but equally as important as knowing when to let them go.